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8626Re: [Hammock Camping] Tarp knot

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  • David Chinell
    Apr 7, 2005
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      I use tautline hitches. I found this knot doesn't work well
      for me in the triptease, so I went back to paracord all

      I think 20 feet is about all you'd ever need for a
      ridgeline. I also carry four 12-foot lengths for my tarp,
      which I pitch diagonally.

      I put up the ridgeline first, just looping the line around
      the back of the tree and securing it with a tautline hitch
      (both ends). This lets me slide the ridgeline up and down
      the trunks without retying anything. I attach cord to the
      tree corners of the tarp using a bowline so I have a little
      loop of cord at the tieout.

      I loop the tarp cord around the back of the tree, just above
      the ridgeline, feed it through the loop left in the bowline
      knot, under the tarp, and secure it to the ridgeline with a
      tautline hitch. Now I can tension the tarp and ridgeline
      from under the tarp. I can raise and lower the whole
      assembly without retying anything. (Up high for pleasant
      views, down low for driving rain.)