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862RE: Hammock Camping Bunk bed hammocks

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  • Shane
    Mar 10, 2003
      > The hammocks shown in that picture are not the older (WW II)
      > jungle hammocks, but are tropical hammocks. I sometimes term
      > these "simple" hammocks, to differentiate them from closed
      > hammocks like the Hennessy or Clark hammocks, which could be
      > viewed as modern versions of the jungle hammock.

      You're right in that there needs to be a way to differentiate between them.
      Clarks, for example, are Jungle Hammocks - they follow the model of
      stretching a flat bed. Hennessy Hammocks are actually Mayan Hammocks - they
      follow the model of a loose, droopy bed. Enclosure is less important than
      the sleeping style, IMO.

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