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8610Re: Hanging hammock

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  • jmellis01
    Apr 2, 2005
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "schrochem" <schrochem@g...>
      > Any reason setup could be made a bit faster by tying a prussic
      knot to
      > the suspension line then clip a carbineener to it then clip the
      > to the loops in a tree hugger?
      > That way you could make quick adjustments by sliding the prussic.
      > Am I missing something?
      > Scott
      Hi Scott,
      I tried it for a while and here's some of the problems I had:
      The knots tended to slip enough to let the hammock sag over the span
      of the night (the crazy figure 8 wrap knot does not). Not sure if
      it was the knot or the person tying it (probably the latter).
      The other problem I had was the span between the trees. I
      tried to just tie a prussic toward the end of the each rope and
      hopefully have enough adjustment. I ended up finding good hanging
      trees that were too close together to need all the adjustment. I
      ended up having to retie the prussic closer to the middle of the
      support rope to take up the extra length. This process ended up
      taking just as long as just tying knots directly to the tree huggers.
      I did find this to be a really handy setup if you were setting
      up under a fixed tarp. You can just unclip one end of the hammock
      and move it out of the way for cooking dinner, sitting around, etc.
      Then you just reclip it when you're ready for bed, adjust the knots
      a bit, and you're set.

      just my $.02
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