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858Re: Snake skins

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  • starnescr
    Mar 9 7:45 PM
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      You pretty much nailed it with clan and dry. I can't see any way to
      damage the hammock storing it inside the snakeskin for long term
      storage as long as it is dry (unlike a sleeping bag) . If it were
      raining or lots or dew was on the hammock when I last put it away on
      a trip I would probably pull the snakeskin in a wad just under the
      fly and reattach the fly past this point at both ends, then pull the
      snake skin on the hammock body only. Then the first sunny day I had
      time I would rehang the hammock a few hours and put back up with the
      snake skin over everything. I only recently got hammocks with
      snakeskins and they both belong to my kids. Plus I'm in the middle
      of testing a Crazy Crib LEX for BackpackGearTester so I have not
      really had much oppertunity to play with the snakeskins.

      Coy Boy

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Michael Reagan"
      <eremitike@e...> wrote:
      > I wonder if keeping the hammock in the snake skins for long term
      storage would have any detrimental effect? I am assuming of course
      that the hammock is dry and clean. Do you all "unskin" your hammocks
      when you store them? Do you have any other tips for prolonging the
      life of your hammock?
      > Thanks,
      > Michael
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