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8576Re: Alternative Hanging Methods?

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  • beentomadrid
    Mar 25, 2005
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Eric Sandberg"
      <docteric@y...> wrote:
      > For people who've used these alternative methods, how have you
      > staked the hammock out? I've tried the single pole, and the
      > inverted "V" poles. The problem I've always had was the stakes
      > pulling out of the ground. I tried a double stake system (the
      > stake is quite long with a second stake behind it. The a line runs
      > from the top of the first stake to the bottom of the second one.
      > Used on circus tents a lot). Even these havepulled out.
      Although it may not be totally environmentally friendly in some
      locations you might use the same technique used in sand or snow.
      That is to bury a stick crossways in a hole with your rope around it.
      That should do the trick. It's a very strong method. I saw a
      hammock set up that way with 1 and 2 poles on one of these sites (Sgt
      Rock's perhaps? in Iraq).

      Doug Campbell
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