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857RE: Hammock Camping Snake skins

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  • Shane Steinkamp
    Mar 9, 2003
      > I wonder if keeping the hammock in the snake skins for
      > long term storage would have any detrimental effect? I am
      > assuming of course that the hammock is dry and clean. Do
      > you all "unskin" your hammocks when you store them? Do you
      > have any other tips for prolonging the life of your
      > hammock?

      For long term storage, I have always cleaned, dried, then rolled my hammocks
      up. The Snakeskins actually seem to do this, and I wouldn't have a problem
      storing my hammocks long term in the Snakeskins, even rolled into a large
      coil. I have other hammocks that I have kept in stuff sacks for years with
      no detrimental effects.

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