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8557[Hammock Camping] Re: Alternative Hanging Methods?

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    Mar 24 3:40 AM
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      Dang Risk, I thought everyone brought along T-posts and a driver on
      a BP trip:) Actually, when I use the single pole method I found it
      to work better when I do two things.

      I use one pole and two tie outs. I use longer stakes (rain gutter
      nails) and I use a longer tie out, 12 feet long. This reduces the
      angle of the pullon the top of the stake so it doesn't pull out. I
      also hang the hammock as low as I can (just a few inches off of the
      ground when I am in it). I also tie out the hamock strap after it is
      tied to the pole, it really doesn't do anything, just insurance.

      So, use longer stakes, longer tie-outs and keep everything nice and
      low. I guess that's three things. :)

      > Tied to the base of a tree. They usually do not pull out.
      > I also had the same problem with stakes. I was trying this in the
      > and the ground was moist. Even deeply placed stakes like you
      suggest as
      > pairs or triplets pulled out.
      > From some work with amateur radio, putting antennas up, I might
      > using metal fence posts and a fence post driver. Drive them at an
      > in pairs, like a circus tent at least 18-24 inches deep. But
      > doing that, purchase a highlift jack and a piece of chain to pull
      > fence posts back out! This is not backpacking equipment.
      > Risk
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