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8462[Hammock Camping] Re: Pole on HH fly

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  • jwj32542
    Mar 11, 2005
      > Also, with the fly rigidly spread and
      > held high, it will catch the wind better, but be less
      > able to conform, and as such will be more likely to
      > pull stakes or tear in a strong gust.

      I think the biggest advantage is that you don't NEED any stakes or
      guylines with this setup. You just tie to the trees and insert the
      pole...and you're done.

      The downside is that you can't adjust tarp pitch for windy
      conditions. However, you could tighten the hammock closer to the
      tarp at the guy-out points, and if you had a water resistant cover
      (like the taco) that might keep the windblown rain out. Or if you
      had a bigger tarp, like the 8x8, you might get enough coverage just
      by tightening the guy-outs.

      That wouldn't stop any possible tears, though. Using shock-cord to
      attach the hammock guy-out points to the tarp would have somewhat of
      a dampening effect. Using the sling-shot techniqe on the other two
      points would add some. Not sure that would be enough if very strong
      winds, though.

      I wonder why he put the pole on the outside. Any ideas?

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