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8461Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Pole on HH fly

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  • Dylan Anderson
    Mar 11, 2005
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      While I do think the pole looks cool, I think it is
      utterly unneccesary. Tom, I tie my tieouts to the fly
      all the time without it having a pole. I simply tie a
      loop in the tieout, then clip it into the little clip
      on the fly because it keeps the ground under the
      hammock less cluttered and allows me to easily unclip
      one side and draw it over to the other side, pulling
      the hammock out of the way when I am sitting below to
      cook or relax out of the rain.

      The reason I say it is unnecessary, and even a slight
      bit of a hinderance is because of a couple of reasons.
      First, it adds weight and bulk to the pack, as well
      more complication. For this it then should have a big
      reward. But the only reward I can see is that it
      would increase the coverage over the ground. However,
      it decreases the coverage of the hammock by raising
      the fly edge. If we are talking about wind blown
      rain, it is how far down, not how far out the fly
      stretches. Hence the reason that tent flys reach down
      to the ground. Also, with the fly rigidly spread and
      held high, it will catch the wind better, but be less
      able to conform, and as such will be more likely to
      pull stakes or tear in a strong gust.

      These are my two cents anyway, and I can think of
      situations where in it could be a benefit, but I don't
      want to bore anyone. Talk to me off list if this is
      something you would like to share, or something you
      would like ask me.

      Though I may die tomorrow, at least I can do it with the knowledge that once I did know true love -unknown

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