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8454Sorta OT - New Shirts and Fabric at WalMart

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  • dlfrost_1
    Mar 9, 2005
      They're putting out the spring stuff at the local WalMart and I saw
      two new short-sleeve polyester shirts that look good for warm weather
      hiking. They've previously had synthetic shirts, but with open-weave
      fabric that quickly tends to self-destruct. These are solids with
      Athletic Works and Starter labels, in several colors. I mention them
      because they're lighter than the ones Target has been selling under
      the Prospirit label. The Starter shirts have the seams further
      forward where they're less likely to be under pack straps.

      I've also seen new fabrics in the bargain bins lately. No sylnylon,
      but there was ripstop in different weights and even a half-bolt of
      Taslan nylon (used for reinforcing patches on outdoor garments). The
      distribution of this stuff is rather random though... I live between
      country and suburban WalMarts and so I see both the bargain bins and
      the large discount table. And all the good stuff was actually in the
      suburban bins this time. So: if you have more than one WalMart in
      your area be sure to check as many of them as you can.

      Doug Frost
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