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8451cheap top quilt

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  • ptoddf
    Mar 7, 2005
      I got a "down throw" from overstock.com for $20 delivered that is
      promising for top quilt experiments. About 4' X 5' and 1 lb 6 0z.
      Tucked the edges of this thing between the layers of a 2 layer
      hammock I'm testing and the darned thing stays in place amazingly
      well. Very interesting, and I realized that if the bottom quilt is
      attached only to the outer hammock layer, this light top quilt can be
      stuffed between the layers down to below the level of the bottom
      quilt for no cold spots.

      Since it's short I made a foot bag by cutting the end off an old
      sleeping bag. Looks promising! I'll be tapering it to fit better.


      Best, Todd in Tarzana.