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8448Re: [Hammock Camping] Digest Number 806

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  • Jon Clarke
    Mar 7, 2005
      Wow, thanks to all of y'all who've responded thus far
      either here or directly to my addy. You are a good
      group of folks, and I already feel very welcomed here.

      I will have to wholeheartedly agree with Mirage,
      particularly in the Table Rock area, Arkansas has some
      of the most stunning scenery I can imagine, so much
      so, I've never wanted to live anywhere else. My goal
      this year is to do all or a big chunk of the
      Butterfield Trail in the autumn, when the leaves are
      changing. Mmmmm!

      I'll be going through the links when I have some time;
      some places I've already been (like whiteblaze.com),
      but some I've only glanced at or thru. I guess half
      the fun of this is the research, huh!

      Oh, and for Jeff, that's a rat. In my other non-work
      life, I also rescue critters, and I made that sig line
      after getting my first two pet fancy rats.

      If it helps: <:3_)~~~ He's facing left. The 3 is
      his ears, and the ) is his big round butt.

      Thanks again, y'all!

      <:3_)~~~ Not just for breakfast anymore!

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