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8436Re: Mirage...hammock and quilt length

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  • Mirage
    Mar 1, 2005
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Jeremy" <jeremy@j...> wrote:

      > Your post raises an interesting question for me, however. Your
      quilt is 84" long while your
      > hammock is 96" long, correct? Does the quilt just bunch up around
      the hammock for the
      > end 6 inches on each side? If so, doesn't it limit the spread of
      the hammock near the end?
      > And if you went to a longer hammock (even just 6" longer), would
      you need to make a
      > longer quilt, or do you think that the current length of 84" would


      You are correct in your observation, in fact the quilt is shorter
      than the hammock and when applied, is actually ~4-6" to the inside
      of each end of the hammock knot/whipping.

      In practice, since the Hammock body is not perfectly straight (end
      to end) when hung, it is actually shorter than 8', plus the quilt,
      having a larger girth than the hammock with me in it and being 14"
      longer than me, can still accomodate me comfortably.

      When I get in the hammock, w/out the quilt, the head and feet are
      very tight and narrow for the first 6-8 inches, so I don't really
      occupy that part of the hammock anyway. The quilt still fits around
      me completely w/ no constriction, except, as noted in an earlier
      message, for the shoulder to hip girth. That's why I am thinking of
      making making a "wedge" insert. I could make the bags wider, or
      tapered at either end, more like the peapod I suspect, but I've got
      4 bags I've made this way, and want to get them working better.

      So, short story is yes, you are correct, but i'ts not an issue, for
      me, based on my experience. It was not an intentional design
      feature by any means, but it works never-the-less. The drawstring
      at the ends gets pulled through the grossgrain loops at the corners,
      and then tied in a slip knot on the hammock rope, just above the
      whipped end. This keeps it from sliding laterally. I also do not
      cinch the ends down tightly, just enough to close the gap around the
      hammock body.

      Anyway, long post that probably adds more confusion than clarity.
      Keep asking though. I don't mind the questions and by no means
      claim to have the end-all, be-all solution, just one step in a
      progressive iteration that works for me right now. Besides, I love
      the creative process of design and experimentation. No offense will
      be taken to any questions asked in sincere curiostiy.

      Shane "Mirage"...
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