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8428Re: Dye silk...DYE ;-)

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  • Paul Kaercher
    Feb 28, 2005
      , "Jeremy" <jeremy@j...> wrote:
      > Has anyone successfully dyed their silk hammock a more LNT color? Also, I'm interested
      > in dying the silk gauze for the netting to a darker color, so has anyone tried this?

      Yes to both of your questions.
      I used Rit Dye,
      Black (really a very dark purple, think eggplant) for the silk gauze.
      Tan for the hammock.

      It's easy but somewhat time consuming.
      I took the advise of BFornshell and washed both items first.
      This gets rid of the sizing which might interfere with dye uptake.

      Hope this helps.

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