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8338Re: Permethrin

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  • Paul Kaercher
    Feb 23 8:20 AM
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      Hi J.D.,

      (Do you mix up a batch of Permethrin yourself or is this a commercially
      available product?)
      I do mix a batch from concentrate. I have heard of a commercially
      available product but forget the details. I'll check Lows, Home Depot etc. to see
      if they carry it.

      (I have heard of treating *CLOTHING* with Permethrin for a few years
      now; but, have never tried it myself. I know it (Permethrin) can be a
      somewhat dangerous product - skin contact, etc.)
      It should not be sprayed on the skin, but that is due to potential skin irritation
      problems and efficacy (doesn't work well) issues.
      Permethrin has been on the market for over 30 years (agricultural uses first) and
      has shown no long term adverse health effects, so far.
      The LD/50 for both ingestion and dermal exposure is greater than 4000-mg/Kg,
      so you would have to work hard to drink enough to kill you, and it is poorly absorbed
      through the skin.
      That being said, I do not want permethrin treated, tight fitting (T shirt) clothes clinging to
      my perspiring body on a hot summer day. The thought of possible skin irritation keeps my
      permethrin use to loose fitting clothes, hat, hammock bottom and bug netting.

      If anyone has additional or conflicting info. please share.

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