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8280Re: [Hammock Camping] 1" webbing and D-rings

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  • Rami
    Feb 19, 2005
      > Does anyone know the working load of single-layer 1" nylon webbing?
      > REI won't tell me since it's not intended for climbing, and I don't
      > want to order a bunch of it if it's not strong enough. I'm guessing
      > that, if REI's product is like Hennessey's tree huggers, it'll be
      > fine...but they won't even tell me that!


      Look for one side of the webbing to have a yellow or black stripe woven
      into the webbing. This is the required indicator for U.S. Military
      standard webbing. It is required to have a rating of at least 18 kN
      (roughly 4000 lb) and should fit your bill quite nicely.

      !! Keep in mind that this is for flat webbing not tubular. !!

      the kN rating is what is used for climbing gear. 1 kN =(+/-) 225 lbs
      but this does not take into account the dynamic AND static criteria many
      gear makers use to determine the failure load for their gear.

      Hope this helps


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