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828RE: Hammock Camping Cutting down Speer Hammock

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  • Ed Speer
    Mar 6, 2003
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      I was on the trail also in 2000--trail name is Not To Worry.  I started on Springer Mar 14, but ended at Dragon's Tooth with a broken ankle.  IT was hard to leave the trail, especialy since I'd been bumped off after 1,000 miles in 99 with family emergency.  But in 2001, I completed the trail one and a half times--yep that was 3,300 miles in 7 months!  Third time was a charm!  I'd be glad to do your interview--any time...Ed
      BTW - i'm doing my thesis on motivations for long distance hikers. 
      Would you be interested in being interviewed (should take 20 minutes
      or so).

      Take care,
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