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826RE: Hammock Camping Cutting down Speer Hammock

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  • Ed Speer
    Mar 6, 2003
      Glad you liked the book Hiking Dude.  Also glad to see you making hammocks based on it.  Let me know how your modified ones work out.
      I, too, like western NC a lot.  I've lived all over the US and numerous places overseas, but find the mountains of western NC well suited to me.  I'm only an hour or two from some of the best camping and hiking in the world.  When things get hectic around here, I just head out on the Old Mt. Mitchell trail and soon all is right with the world again. I can't get enought of it and try to spend 4-10 days a month on a trail--and I still haven't hiked half of the ones around here yet!
      Hiking the AT twice sure made me appreciate this part of the world also.  And it was on those hikes that I decided to write the book on hammock camping--kind of a natural extension of how I spend my life anyway.  I hope to do the PCT next year, with my hammock of course...Ed
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      I ended up cutting the hammock down to 48" and it seems to work
      well.  I'm probably going to make another on with the elongated
      triangle cut and compare.  Either way I may sew on tie outs to the
      sides to spread things out a bit. 

      Great book, BTW.

      Oh yeah, I see you are in the hills of NC.  I lived in Clyde a
      couple of years ago (I'm from the great town of Climax, NC) and look
      forward to moving back to the area after grad school.  Southeastern
      Ohio doesn't hold a candle to western NC.

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