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  • jwj32542
    Feb 16, 2005
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, beanco@m... wrote:
      > what is the rn hammock?

      Ripstop Nylon. You can use Nylon Taffeta, too.

      > but i live
      > in hungary. there was only one place that sold suitable

      How much does it cost to mail from the US to Hungary? I'm sure if
      you offered to pay the cost, someone here could find you some $1/yd
      Walmart fabric and mail it to you. That would probably still end up
      being cheaper than mail-ordering full-price nylon and paying them
      S&H. Of course, you'd have to settle for the weight/color of what
      was in the bargain bin, but if you can make a hammock for $15 total
      it's not a big deal.

      > but i really want a one all solution....

      I hope you find it. I look at it like sleeping bags - you wouldn't
      take a summer bag to the Colorado mountains in winter, but you also
      wouldn't take a winter bag on the Florida Trail unless you wanted to
      sweat yourself to death!

      Hammocks are so cheap, light and small when stuffed that having
      several options is the solution I've found to work for me.

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