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824Re: Hammock Camping Alternate for cutting a Speer Hammock bug net

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  • geoflyfisher
    Mar 6, 2003
      It is those curved edges my sewer wants to avoid, but I'm
      > trying to persuade her it can be done--this helps, thanks...Ed

      It seems to work out best to cut the velcro the right length, and
      start sewing at one end. It is very easy to sew next to the edge of
      the netting a couple inches at a time, simply by holding the netting
      with one's hand. No pins are necessary. Second line of stitching on
      the other side of the velcro goes very quickly.

      I do find that sewing the hook velcro is rough on the thread and that
      it breaks an average of once per 8 foot side (I think the hooks grab
      part of the thread and then the thread coating begins to unravel
      above the sewing machine needle.

      I like to leave about a quarter inch of netting beyond the velcro so
      there is a ready to use tab to pull the velcro joint apart. Try one,
      y'all may like it.

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