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  • Rick
    Feb 13, 2005
      Hi Robi,

      I have my first warm hammock, the one that is cranberry colored hung up in my spare bedroom.  I often nap in it.  I think it works great in warmish atmospheres too. 

      I believe that a thinner insulated WarmHammock is about the best approach to an underquilt and eliminates the need to carry all of the pad I have been carrying.  It will probably be lighter than the ZHammock plus its pad.  I will still be carrying a 20x36 inch piece of pad that can be used as the frame of my pack, as a pad in a shelter, and as a pad to escape to the ground. However, many nights, the pad may stay in my pack and allow me to pack up in the morning much easier.  I also will not need to fiddle with getting the pad to be situated in just the right place between the layers of my hammock.


      robi wrote:
      why would you want to use the warm hamock for summer camping too?
      On Fri, 04 Feb 2005 18:47:41 -0500, Rick <ra1@...> wrote:
      Most of my winter camping has been with the ZHammock or the
      Quarterweight Hammock.  In the cold cold cold nights (Below 10 F) I have
      used the WarmHammock so far.  However, I am promising myself that I will
      be using a thinner insulated WarmHammock this spring and summer for even
      warm weather.  It will have about an inch of insulation.  I have all the
      materials, and just need to take the time to sew it up.
      robi wrote:
      just which of yoru hammocks do you use in the cold cold cold wintery
      nights you go out int?
      the zhammock or the warm hammock...
      starting to get confused ....
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