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821Alternate for cutting a Speer Hammock bug net

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  • geoflyfisher
    Mar 6 7:23 AM
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      "Ed Speer" wrote:
      My sewer
      > informes me that doing anything less than a perfect rectangle will
      > require that the bug net also be cut differently to accomodate the
      > hammock shape--but that may not be too difficult.

      Hi Ed,

      I did not cut a rectangular bug net for the two Speer type hammocks I
      have made. The alternate method I used was to hang the hammock with
      a net suspension cord as you describe in the book. Then I put a pad
      in the hammock to put it into the right shape... about the same as
      if I were sleeping in it.

      At this stage, I drape the bug net material over the cord and hold it
      in place with three clothes pins. Then I cut the bug net out in a
      football shape that overlaps the edges of the hammock by about 4-6
      inches. I found it works best to then put the piece on the kitchen
      floor and make a few judicious smoothing cuts to make the shape a
      symetrical and smooth football. Finally, I sew the hook velcro to
      the two long edges of the net. At each of the ends, for the last 6-8
      inches (beyond the velcro line on the hammock, I sew hook velcro to
      one side and pile velcro to the other, so I can close the ends of the
      bug net on itself.

      This seems to use a bit less material, thus a little less weight, and
      also makes the ends of the bug net look a little neater during use. I
      ordered 2.5 yards of noseeum, and layed the material across its
      diagonal before cutting.

      I use some of the cut off bug net to make a little triangular holder
      for glasses and pocket stuff.

      Rick <><
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