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8141Re: [Hammock Camping] question for risk

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  • Rick
    Feb 4, 2005

      Most of my winter camping has been with the ZHammock or the
      Quarterweight Hammock. In the cold cold cold nights (Below 10 F) I have
      used the WarmHammock so far. However, I am promising myself that I will
      be using a thinner insulated WarmHammock this spring and summer for even
      warm weather. It will have about an inch of insulation. I have all the
      materials, and just need to take the time to sew it up.


      robi wrote:

      >just which of yoru hammocks do you use in the cold cold cold wintery
      >nights you go out int?
      >the zhammock or the warm hammock...
      >starting to get confused ....
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