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814Re: Hammock Camping Digest Number 66

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  • geoflyfisher
    Mar 6 3:57 AM
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      John writes:
      > >
      > Thanks. So then why don`t we sleep this way in a tent with a quilt
      > over us and tucked in on the sides?
      Hi John,

      Some do use a quilt on a ground pad on the ground. Jardine advocates
      this in Beyond Backpacking, and a number of ultralight hikers have
      taken it up. (He also mentions that one gets used to ants "getting
      into everything including our clothing at night". [Beyond Backpacking
      p 36])

      My take is that a quilt is particularly handy in a hammock which has
      sides to keep the quilt bunched up on top of me - and the pad bunched
      up around my body as well. My quilt made of Polarguard 3D and about
      1.5 inches thick lays on top of me with several (3-6?) inches of top
      insulation when I am in the hammock. It has been good down to 5
      degrees, well below what I designed it for.

      I choose to watch the ants on the ground from the hammock.
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