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8128Second Night

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  • J.D. Hoessle
    Feb 3, 2005
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      Good Morning!

      First, Rick Said:
      >You might want to take a look at my overlap pad, It keeps knees and
      >shoulders much warmer than any other method I have found short of the

      Thanks for the feedback! Used that idea last night!

      As mentioned, my first-ever night out, I used a 3/4 UL Thermarest AND
      a full length CC blue foam pad in the "sleeve" / double bottom. That
      worked except when I shifted and discovered the dreaded "Cold Spots".

      Last night, temp hovered right at 32 F - WHAT A DIFFERENCE 10 DEGREES
      MAKES...!!! I was HOT...!!! Zipped and unzipped my 5 degree bag a
      dozen times. ***NOW*** I understand why everyone raves about a
      QUILT...! No, I am not about to try THAT sewing adventure just yet,
      Thank you very much...<g>... Perhaps Mr. Speer would be kind enough
      to have one of his quilts for sale in Hot Springs? -<Hint! Hint!>-

      Comfort: I am not quite there yet. Slept soundly for 4 hours; but,
      woke up with back & legs aching a bit again.

      Per suggestions here (THANK YOU ALL!), I had a third blue foam
      "sit-pad" directly under my bag at 90 degrees. Length of blue foam
      was too long at 36 inches; but, that did allow me to twist & turn onto
      my side now and then.

      Mr. Garlington was kind to point out that I may have it strung too
      taut. Have not had time to build a stand nor do I have optimally
      placed trees out back and I am too old to wait for new trees to grow.
      For whomever suggested it: "Yes, I had to reinforce the storage

      But, I believe that I now understand the "sleeping slightly diagonal"
      and "sweet spot" that you all mention. I believe that rigging a stand
      and futzing with the "sag" will allow me to sleep thru the night.

      Rick also mentions having my head LOWER than my feet.... OK, I will
      try that too.

      Rain & sleet expected today. No tarp yet; so, I will have to cut thru
      my Gordian Knots and wait another day or two...


      Happy Trails,

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