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8125Re: Fwd: Using silk for hammocks

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  • Paul Kaercher
    Feb 2, 2005
      Hi Ray,
      What size is your 10-mm silk hammock and what does it weigh?
      I made one out of 8-mm silk 9' X 54" (before hemming the edges) and it
      weighs 5 1/4 oz without rope or tree huggers.
      My next hammock may be out of 10-mm silk if the weight difference is not much.

      You said "I noticed that some powder pushed through the silk"
      from the down/feathers you recycled from an old GI bag.

      That fine powder may be frass from Dermestid beetles feasting on the
      feathers. I had to throw out my old Army bags because the dust/frass
      set off my wife's "hay fever" such that she could hardly breath.

      So if you have allergies be aware that those old bags may contain allergins
      that may affect you.
      Just something to keep in mind.

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