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8114Re: [Hammock Camping] Result of my first adventure with the ZHammock

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    Feb 2, 2005
      J.D saw posting like this on other websites about people having their legs lock up in hammock. One persons suggestion was to put a pillow, boots or cloths
      under your knees so this doesn't happen.  I, myself have to see what happens on the trail as I have yet to use hammock for extended periods and my hike of the A.T starts on March 15.
      In Regards,
      Andrew van Ees 

      "J.D. Hoessle" <JD@...> wrote:

      Happy Ground Hog Day!

      Results from my first ZHammock adventure:

      9:30 PM - 02/01/05 - Temp 24 F - No wind - Clear sky

      Had set up my home made ZHammock in back yard earlier.  Did not have
      tarp or other cover - the ZHammock was frost-encrusted when I went
      out. Not a major problem.

      Had 3/4 UL Thermarest and full sized CC blue foam pad in sleeve.
      Arranged 5 degree sleeping bag in ZHammock unzipped except for bottom
      foot area.  Sat down and rather easily got the bag zipped around me.

      Clothes: poly top & bottoms plus fleece top & bottoms, fleece sox plus
      wool sox, fleece balaclava.

      5 - 10 minutes of fidgeting around - Quickly learned what everyone
      means in regards to "cold spots" and solved that by getting my bag all
      around me.

      I can fall asleep most any time & place; so, I was asleep very soon.
      Warm & Comfortable.

      About 11:45 PM, I woke up because my legs were aching.  Found that it
      is necessary to sleep on my back - otherwise, my butt or back or
      knees/legs were in contact with the sides and no pad to prevent very
      cold spots. Tried to curl up a bit (fetal position); but, again - very
      cold spots. 
      Could not stretch out... Hard to describe; but:  On my back, my heels
      were solidly against bottom which forced my legs straight - kinda
      "locking" my knees.  Turning ever so slightly one way or the other put
      me into contact with sides and the cold.  Altho' warm, my lower back
      was cramped a bit from sleeping on my back - the "U" shape of
      hanging...?  Unable to lie on my side and stay warm.

      Attempted many positions to relieve slight pain in legs & back to no
      avail.  After 15-20 minutes had to give up and go inside.  A few
      minutes of stretching while standing and my back & legs were fine.
      Still had some soreness in my legs at 5:00 AM, as if I had been on a
      log uphill climb.

      Low Temp last night was 18 F per my bulb-type min-max thermometer -
      Got over three hours of uninterrupted sleep.

      Conclusions:  No problem keeping warm.  *MUST* be on my back.  Cannot
      lie on my side nor curl up.  Should cover hammock BEFORE the frost
      gets to it!

      Guessing here:  Maybe the length is too short...?  I am under 6 feet
      tall now and shrinking...<age thing>...<g>...  Rick's instructions
      mentions that he is 6 feet; so, it should be long enough.  I am
      wondering if my inability to stretch out or curl up a leg is because I
      need more length...?


      Happy Trails,


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