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  • Steve Joiner
    Feb 1, 2005
      Funny story Greg!  Here in the south, our goal is to give the scouts a 'polar bear' experience - one where the temps never go over 32 degrees in a 24 hr period - not much opp'ty for a Klondike.  We were on top of Shining Rock Mtn 2 weekends ago.  Somewhere south of 0 Sun morning, w/ ~30+mph wind...brrrr!  Unfortunately, I haven't figured out my hammock for under 10 degrees or so - so left it home.  My dog and I spent the night in a BD Betamid.  Everyone did fine.... except one boy (17 yo Eagle Scout!), who for some reason, didn't put on gloves Sun morning while packing up.  We (the adults) didn't really pay attention - were more concerned about the 13 yo on his 1st backpacking trip, and getting our own gear packed up so we could start walking and warm up.  By the time we got started on the trail, we realized he had frostbitten fingers.  He was proudly displaying his black fingers last night at the troop meeting - four frostbitten fingers (back to the first knuckle) on his right hand!
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      This past weekend, My son's troop went on the district Klondike Camporee. Now as a bit of background, since I have gotten into hammocks, the kids have been used to seeing me or my son in any number of different hammocks, from a Hennessy to homemade Speers to various lightweight double bottom hammocks ala Rick.
      Several other troop members, both adults and kids have bought or made hammocks after seeing ours.
      I was surprised to have one of the boys come up to me with a Hennessy, a big smile on his face, saying it was a Christmas present. "I'm gonna sleep in it tonight!" He said.
      Now we were standing in about a foot of snow, temps were hovering about 23* and it was just beginning to drop for the night. I started in with my best leader speech about how cold weather hammocking is a different animal altogether, how the air under the hammock would chill him much more than sleeping on the snow with a pad, and maybe it would be best to try the hammock out in the spring.
      He smiled and said for me not to worry, he had a pad, and was ready for the cold.
      I again gave my speech, this time emphasizing the relative inefficiency of a single pad at temps under 20 without additional measures. He was undaunted. "Look at my pad", he said.
      This kid had brought a pad that was gargantuan by hammock standards- about 4" thick, maybe 25x 72", with a cloth cover on it. It was a pad from his patio furniture.
      I relented, and told him to go for it.
      A minute later he discovered that he had forgotten his tree huggers........
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