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8101Re: Spent the money, Rick.

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    Feb 1, 2005
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "J.D. Hoessle" <JD@H...> wrote:

      > Now, I have to dig around here tonight and locate the "24 inch 1/8th
      > inch polyester cord" and whip myself into another frenzy.
      > Happy Trails,
      > J.D.

      Congrats on the work so far J.D.

      For the cord, a 24 inch shoestring works fine. They even sell them in
      pairs. Cotton will mildew, so I buy the cord from the same place I get
      my hammock material

      BTW, the reason for the zstitch is that the polester thread (you did
      get good Guterman thread didn't you?) does not stretch as much as the
      nylon material. You may find that the side hems of your hammock seem
      really tight compared with the nylon while you are sitting in the
      hammock sideways. That is the thread in the hem.

      It usually works out OK for the hem, but in the body of the hammock,
      like what I use for the WarmHammock, Ed Speer's experience is that
      straight stitches tear the material, especially when they cross from
      one side to the other. The hem is a lot more comfortable with the
      zigzag stitch, IMHO...

      Next hammock, though I have patiently removed stitches the whole
      length of the hammock a number of times!


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