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810Re: Hammock Camping Newbie to the group

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  • Stephen T. Gregorie
    Mar 5, 2003
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      I agree no good for a sleeping bag. I think it was
      David who was looking for a cloth cover for a mat. As
      a cover they're ok. Of course,if you spend more money
      for better fleece that would make for a warmer nights
      --- navjohn@... wrote:
      > In a message dated 3/5/03 10:00:11, stgga@...
      > writes:
      > >Walmart sells fleece sleeping bags for $10 could do
      > >the trick for you.
      > I have one, and don't recommend them. The so-called
      > "fleece" is poor quality
      > and not very warm. It might do for the middle of
      > summer. One way to test
      > for good fleece is to hold it up to the light and
      > see how thick or thin it
      > is. The Walmart fleece flunks.
      > John Wilson

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