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8095Integrated winter system

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  • schrochem
    Jan 31, 2005
      Ya know, there are cold weather tents, winter sleeping bags, winter
      clothes, etc. why not a winter hammock. Sure it is nice to have a
      modular system but I would make a guess that many of us have special
      use camping gear. A summer quilt won't quite hack it in winter so i
      have a 20deg bag, etc.
      So why not have a hammock BUILT with an integrated winter system. I
      would think that would be the BEST way to do and probably save some
      weight also. Heck just buying all the modules is like buying another
      hammock and I know many of you have multiple hammocks anyway. So
      maybe some of the hammock manufacturers are listening, I think there
      is a market. I would build it myself if I had the time.
      Just thinking out loud.
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