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8092Spent the money, Rick.

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  • J.D. Hoessle
    Jan 31, 2005
      OK, this kinda ties into the other Post (Materials) here today.

      Because of my error in feet versus yards, I did not get enough ripstop
      the first time for the ZHammock. Found some wally-world $1.00 / yard
      "ripstop-looking" stuff and mentioned it here. Rick made (The
      correct!) statement which was something to the effect: "Why take the

      So, I found another local fabric store and known-good ripstop was only
      $4.29 / yard.

      AND....!!!! Got it all sewed up!!!! Did I mention that I missed the
      instructions where it says to use a Zig_Zag stitch....? Seems like it
      will work with my "somewhat" straight stitching. This is my
      first-ever sewing adventure and if anyone here ever gets to see this
      project and starts laughing..... Well, I may just... Ahhh... Forget

      Let's see now. Figure in my time spent learning about that *BOBBIN
      THINGY* [&*%$#@%$&], my learning curve, sewing time thus far... Well,
      if I were to pay myself minimum wage, this is now an $852.75 hammock!

      OK.... On to the Whipping Post tonight! Ahhh... "Whipping" the ends

      Then, the testing of my *Gold-Plated-ZHammock*...!

      Happy Trails,

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