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8089Using silk for hammocks

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  • Ray Garlington
    Jan 31, 2005
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      Taking a cue from Gardenville, I ordered some silk and did some
      sewing this past weekend. Here are some random observations:

      1. Silk is very light and easy to sew.

      2. Gardenville used 8mm silk for his hammock and had good
      durability. I ordered the 10mm. It seems fairly thin, but then
      again, so is ripstop nylon. I'll let you know how it holds up, but
      expect no problems.

      3. I built a replacement bag for my 'bag-o-feathers' under
      insulation using 5mm silk. The silk bag weighs about 2.5 ounces and
      I have about 10 ounces of feathers in there. In the silk bag it
      lofts beautifully; HOWEVER, the 5mm silk allows small feathers to
      work through. I'll have to see how big a problem that is. I get
      about 3" of loft across a 33" x 60" surface. If you decide to try
      this, plan on going to the 8mm fabric.

      4. I ordered some 3.5mm silk gauze for the bug screen, but didn't
      sew it in as an integral part of the hammock (at least along one
      edge). I'm going to try a ridgeline style deployment, but the
      fabric is only 36" wide, so I might have to buy more material.

      5. Here is Gardenville's source, which I used too:

      I used the 10mm (021J), the 3.5mm gauze (024N), and the 5mm (021F).
      They call it Habotai silk, and you can just enter these codes into
      their "Quick Order" block. Good luck.
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