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8088Re:Re: Hiking in from site 415 to 413

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  • rosaleen43@aol.com
    Jan 31, 2005
      I imagine you have discovered for yourself that FOAM EARPLUGS ARE THINGS OF WONDER!  I wonder if for this instance one needs foam earplugs PLUS some sort of ear muffs?
      At least sleeping in  individual hammocks does not normally allow snoring to shake the "bed" for peopel near by...

      When you hang your hammock in Hot Springs, you may want to take care of
      remembering the inverse  square law as it applies to audio frequencies. 
      If you want to do some research on the topic, measure your ability to
      sleep as a function of distance from Ed's Hammock...  ZZZZzzzzzzz.......

      Sometimes it is fun to be lighthearted at the master's expense too ;)

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