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8087Re: [Hammock Camping] Hiking in from site 415 to 413

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  • seuss910
    Jan 30, 2005
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      I recall a big sign as you check-in to the Hot Springs Campground
      notifying visitors that there will be no refunds due to "river,
      railroad or roosters" - all three of which can easily overpower a few
      well earned zzzzz's

      Last July the loudest noises came from the late night party in the
      trailer camper at site 415 - and from the river. The campground
      manager came around about 11pm to tell us that the Weather Service
      had issued a flash flood watch for the French Broad and every time I
      woke up I listened carefully to try and tell if the river was rising
      and whether the two HHs hung down by the river bank under a beach
      umbrella would still be there in the morning.

      They were.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "J.D. Hoessle" <JD@H...> wrote:

      > Hopefully, this Hot Springs Camp Ground doesn't have decible meters
      > and that they don't enforce after hours noise levels! Funds were
      > allocated for my local County Police Dept. to buy decible meters and
      > enforce our Noise Regs. ----- Interestingly enough, NOT for loud
      > parties, NOT for custom vehicle exhaust systems... But, to address
      > citizen complaints about the loud BOOM BOXES in those hot little
      > There's a "slight chance" that I may have a noise pollution problem
      > myself. I am sometimes awakened by my SkyDog standing over my face
      > licking my nose. Hmmmmm.....?
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