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8081Re: [Hammock Camping] Hiking in from site 415 to 413

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  • J.D. Hoessle
    Jan 30, 2005
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Rick <ra1@i...> wrote:
      > When you hang your hammock in Hot Springs, you may want to take care
      > of remembering the inverse square law as it applies to audio
      > frequencies.

      OK, Rick, it took me 10 minutes to understand this...<g>...! Thanks
      for the giggle this morning!

      I was getting a headache trying to remember what was taught to me
      (Notice I didn't say "LEARNED") decades ago about wave forms and
      frequencies. And, I was about to call up my bro-in-law-Ham-Radio geek
      to ask for help.

      Hopefully, this Hot Springs Camp Ground doesn't have decible meters
      and that they don't enforce after hours noise levels! Funds were
      allocated for my local County Police Dept. to buy decible meters and
      enforce our Noise Regs. ----- Interestingly enough, NOT for loud
      parties, NOT for custom vehicle exhaust systems... But, to address
      citizen complaints about the loud BOOM BOXES in those hot little cars.

      There's a "slight chance" that I may have a noise pollution problem
      myself. I am sometimes awakened by my SkyDog standing over my face
      licking my nose. Hmmmmm.....?

      GLORIOUS morning in No. VA - Snow is falling - supposed to get 2" - 3"
      and it's 30 F...!!! Warmest temp in days and days!

      Happy Trails,

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