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802Hammock Camping Re:Thermarest - WAS - Newbie to the group

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  • geoflyfisher
    Mar 4, 2003
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      Mostly side sleep, an hour on one side, an hour on the other... I
      don't know how soundly I will sleep in the hammock once I get used to
      it. In the real cold (10 degree stuff I have been playing with) I
      sleep but not very soundly. I plan to continue the experiments
      tonight... we had a NICE 50 degree day today and it is only going
      down to the mid thirties... first time it has been that warm in

      Tonight's experiment will be with a wind shell and the reflectix
      pad. The weatherman is calling for a bunch of rain as well. I need
      to see if my center seam on the tarp is really waterproof.

      It is also a test of the ability of the homemade hammock tubes to
      shed water from the hammock ropes.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "J Cornelius" <dojers@c...>
      > Hey Flyfisher – just wondering – do you back/side/ or stomach
      > I'm a side sleeper and have a ¾ thermarest because I sleep almost
      > anyway – however, I am a VERY restless sleeper (though I don't know
      > that works in the hammock – I could end up sleeping better than I
      > have!!!) so don't like the idea of the thermarest scattering under
      > restlessness.
      > Jodi who's still learning this stuff but she did get her skins
      > and can't WAIT to get her hammock set up – if only the weather would
      > cooperate
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