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799Re: Newbie to the group No. 2 for the day

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  • blqysmg
    Mar 4, 2003
      I don't want to discourage you from trying your own string hammock,
      but there is something you might want to consider. Most good string
      hammocks are made in the mayan style, and can use up to three miles
      of string!

      I've owned several, and they are a joy to behold. They aren't,
      however, any better than a good cloth hammock. For the cloth
      hammock, you could have one made in an hour or so if you have the
      cloth and access to a sewing machine. The cloth usually comes in 5
      foot wide sections, which just happens to be about perfect. Hem the
      edges, and sew a pocket on each end like you would for a curtain,
      except tripple sew it, and your done.

      With rope hammocks, the trick is to build a jig for making it. You
      need to decide how many strings you want across, and make a rack to
      hold and organize all of those strings. Then it's just a matter of

      A good craftsman, experienced in hammock making, can build a hammock
      by hand in less than a week. It would take me a month.

      It's worth thinking about.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, robi dawson <beanco@m...>
      > hi Everybody,
      > I, like Dave, am also new to the group.
      > I bumped into it on the Net when looking for info on making
      > Any of you do that? More specifically I am interested in *net*
      hammocks as
      > opposed to cloth ones. However, if you all think that is a waste of
      > let me know.
      > So, where does one sitting in Budapest Hungary - I am from Boston,
      but just
      > happen to be living here for the next millennium - get started on
      > hammocking. If I can get a nice set up made i will start using it
      to sleep
      > out in and to camp in the very first chance I get.
      > Thanks all!
      > Rob
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