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7978Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Staying Warm in the (VERY) Cold

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  • tjarrell@cox.net
    Jan 19, 2005
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      I too was out in the field this weekend. HH Expedition Asym was used. I brought along a Kelty Noah 12 tarp. Hung the hammock close to the ground and strung the tarp down sharply and closed up the ends by tieing the tieouts together. First night I used two foam pads. One was 3/4 inch w/ a silver side (from Campmore) and a Wallmart blue pad. Temp was just above 32 with a 9 mph wind. Used a 32 degree bag and wore wool socks, nomex (aviator) long johns, nylon warm-up pants, wool sweater and a nylon golf pullover. Made it through the night fine except my nose got very cold, but a wool scarf over my lower face did the trick. (Nearly all of this I read from other writers - so thanks for passing along the hints.)

      Second night was much of the same, but this time I hung an old Army Extreme Weather mummy bag that I had sliced open into a quilt. I attached loops at the corners and with a few lines and two bungie cords I hung it outside the hammock. For good measure I slid the 3/4 inch pad between the quilt and the hammock. That night was better than the first. My bottom was a little cool for a few hours (nothing more than a little chill), but that later went away as the space below me must have warmed up.

      This was the fist time I have hung the bag on the hammock, so for a prototype run it did what I wanted, block the wind and provide some insulation. When I get some more time I'll refine the hanging configuration. I also have a weather proof sleeping bag cover that I am going to add to give me even more wind protection, protect the quilt from rain, and be able to use it alone with the HH when a light layer is needed (wind and bugs?).

      The quilt is far to heavy to hike with, but for car camping it appears to make my HH a 4 season option.

      Tom in Va Beach, VA
      From: Lenny Nichols <lnichols@...>
      Date: 2005/01/19 Wed PM 01:23:01 EST
      To: hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Hammock Camping] Re: Staying Warm in the (VERY) Cold

      I did some experimenting this last weekend, too. I setup my HH with both
      Jacks 'R' Better (JRB) quilts under the hammock. Western Mountaineering 20
      degree down bag used as a quilt. JRB weather shield on top of the sleeping
      bag and below the underquilts. Slept outside with a breeze of 5-10 MPH.
      Overnight temps were 25 degrees. I was finally warm and comfortable.

      Lenny Nichols