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7956RE: [Hammock Camping] Poison Ivy "Remedy"

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  • Ed Speer
    Jan 18, 2005

      Wow Jonas, the remedies just keep coming!  Thanks for the info…  BTY, 95% of my itching has stopped since I vigorously washed several times on day 4 with Dawn and bath soap.  It’s now day 10 and I’ve used some minor IVAREST every other day since day 4, but haven’t used any since day 8.  Hopefully my ordeal is over….Ed



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      Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2005 1:55 PM
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      Subject: [Hammock Camping] Poison Ivy "Remedy"


      I am SURE to get some negative feedback on this one, but life is
      boring without complaints.

      I get a very strong reaction to PI, and I avoid it like the dickens. I
      have had it in my eyes, nose and mouth, and "other places" even less fun.

      So, IF I get it is unavoidable, I just have found a technique that
      really helps me get through the itchy stage WHEN I get it. I agree, if
      I know I have touched the stuff, Fels Naptha soap really cuts down on
      the reaction if I can wash soon enough and ditch the clothes I am
      wearing. Trouble is, itchy blisters are usually my first clue.

      I usually get it in a specific location, not all over. I wash the
      blistering area with soap and water to cleanse it. I then sterilize a
      sewing needle and VERY lightly scratch the skin where the blisters are
      forming to *just* break the skin on the blisters. Doesn't have to be
      100%, just enough that the blisters start to ooze.

      I then cover the area with a thick pad of folded-up Kleenex and tape
      it in place (this is extra attractive when it's on my face!).

      What happens is that the skin remains open and oozing and the Kleenex
      soaks it up. In fact, it soaks right through 1/2" of Kleenex in a few
      hours. I keep changing the Kleenex pads, usually for a period of a
      week. It's high maintenance. I also make sure I am not getting an
      infection by checking it regularly. What I DON'T do is let the skin
      dry up- changing the pads all the time keeps it oozing. I don't use
      any ointments.

      What this does is completely stop all of the itching, and I am not
      tempted to scratch. It also seems to significantly shorten my
      suffering. A dermatologist friend of mine is not sure why this works,
      but he acknowledges that it does not seem to be causing me any
      problems. I am usually past the itchy stage in a week or so, as
      opposed to 2-4 weeks if all I use is ointments.

      So, it's not a recommendation, it's just something that absolutely
      works for me. Proceed at your own risk. Your mileage may vary. Not
      valid in all 50 states. Check local listings. Cannot be combined with
      other offers. Void where prohibited by law. Subject to change without


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