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7841Re: Oware 9x9 Tarp

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  • walkonemile50
    Jan 7, 2005
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      I just ordered a Oware 9x9 Oware tarp. I've looked at a number of
      tarps and decided to go with this one for a number of reasons.
      1. The Stock fly for the HH Explorer 9 ft just covers the hammock.
      If its rains heavy then it's get wet time. I have to say, that I'm
      not so sure about how well the ties outs are on it as well. I've
      already had some small tears by the tie out..

      Rosaleen wrote:
      (Why are you so sure that you will get wet using the Hennessy stock

      I spent 6 months on the AT in 2004 and got wet a few times to the
      point where I was freezing. I also have it setup in my back yard and
      sleep in it every night. As I'm returning to the AT in late Feb
      and I'm trying a number of experiments to see what works best in
      different situations, weather and so on… What clothes work best,
      VBL's, and types of sleeping bags.

      Rosaleen wrote:
      (I have had no problems in any of mine (UL Backpacker, original
      model, maybe now the "Cocoon," Explorer Deluxe, and the Asym
      Ultralight). Some peope like to have a larger fly for different
      reasons, including more coverage for a "living space.")

      I have the Explorer Deluxe Ultralight Asym which is 9 feet long. The
      stock HH fly just covers the hammock. Maybe a few inches on each
      side over the ends. So, you really have to set it up right if
      it's going to rain. I've sewed on a few extra ties downs and
      will use those to secure the front and rear hammock so that it wraps
      almost around the front and back. I also tie off to the trees with
      the fly and use a 12-inch piece of shock cord to keep the fly taunt
      after I get in. This has taken care of the problem of the rain
      blowing in and I've been able to stay dry.

      However, you don't have much room for living space under the
      hammock and getting in and out in a hard rain will get you wet. So,
      the larger fly is one reason. It's 7 ozs more then the stock, but
      worth the weight for the benefits.

      (PS If you need a "scrap" of silnylon, I can send you a small one.)

      Thanks Rosaleen for your suggestions and offer of the silnylon.
      Since I'm going to replace my stock fly, I will be using it to
      make some custom VBL gloves and a custom made overcover for really
      dry cold weather. Something like the HH Supershelter overcover, but
      covers 2 ½ by the head and 3 feet at the foot. When I get it done
      I will post some pics.

      Take care,
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