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7837Re: Oware 9x9 Tarp

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  • rosaleen43@aol.com
    Jan 6, 2005
      I have had some dealings with Dave Olsen, and feel he is a good guy.  Not having used any of his tarps, I can't comment on them.
      Why are you so sure that you will get wet using the Hennessy stock fly?  I have had no problems in any of mine (UL Backpacker, original model, maybe now the "Cocoon," Explorer Deluxe, and the Asym Ultralight).  Some peope like to have a larger fly for different reasons, including more coverage for a "living space."  I've been in nasty blowing storms and slept dry in my hammocks.  For those circumstances, the fly might need to be low on the windward side.  If it isn't TOO bad, and I'm feeling lazy, I might not get up and lower the fly edge, but just shift a bit away from the edge.
      You second apparent issue: holes at attachment point(s).  Occasionally there have been stitching overruns of the bar tacks at the bias tape attachment points.  Stick on a bit of scrap silnylon with some silicone sealer, OR call Hennessy Hammock.  They are likely to repair or replace the fly, depending on the determined cause of the problem.
      PS  If you need a "scrap" of silnylon, I can send you a small one.

      I just ordered a Oware 9x9 Oware tarp.  I've looked at a number of
      tarps and decided to go with this one for a number of reasons. 
      1. The Stock fly for the HH Explorer 9 ft just covers the hammock. 
      If its rains heavy then it's get wet time.  I have to say, that I'm
      not so sure about how well the ties outs are on it as well.  I've
      already had some small tears by the tie out..
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