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780Newbie to the group

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  • blqysmg <david.chamness@eds.com>
    Mar 3, 2003
      Hi, I just found this list, and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm
      fairly new to the whole camping in a hammock movement. I've had
      hammocks for years, and used them on the back porch, or when camping,
      during the day. I've always loved my hammocks.

      I'd never thought of camping overnight in a hammock, though, till I
      found info about it on the web this winter. What a concept! I don't
      know why I never thought of sleeping the night in comfort before. It
      would have made sense, I guess.

      The problem is, as you guys already know, staying warm. I've read a
      bit about the way folks are trying to keep warm in the hammocks at
      night. I tried sleeping out two weekends ago. I set up a tent for
      my boys (ages 4 and 6), and the hammock for myself.

      I used a big, comfy hammock that I had bought at a boat show, of all
      places. It is 1.9 oz rip-stop nylon, with the cloth extending all
      the way to the ends, where hooks are attached. I bought it becouse
      it's the first hammock I'd ever seen that didn't have strings to get
      tangled up.

      I covered the hammock with a 8'x10' tarp, which I tied over a center
      rope. The tarp just reached the ground on either side of the
      hammock. I staked it down with five stakes on the windy side,
      because the weather channel predicted high winds. Boy, they were

      The wind was fifteen to thirty, and I bet a couple of those gusts
      were close to fifty. It rained,too, but not a great amount. In the
      areas north of me, I hear there were extremely voilent storms. I
      stayed warm and dry until the wind pulled my stakes out. It was the
      most eventful night I've ever spent out.

      The sleeping pad thing has me puzzled, though. I used a therm-a-
      rest, and a lightweight sleeping bag. Underneath, I was almost too
      warm. It felt strangely like I was sleeping on a heating pad. I
      don't think the sleeping bag I used was heavy enough for the night,
      though. It was really a summer weight bag, only good down to 55
      degrees. Since the temp dropped to about 40, I had to resort to
      covering the bag with a fleese liner.

      The only problem I had was whenever I moved, the darn therm-a-rest
      would turn sideways. As long as I could stay on it, I was nice and
      toasty, when it turned, my legs would get cold. It was also
      asthetically displeasing to have the pad sticking up beside me!

      Do the foam pads stay in place better? Are thin pads better at
      conforming to your shape, or do you slide off of them? Would sewing
      or zipping a liner onto the pad help to keep it in place?

      Inquiring minds want to know!

      Thanks for contributing to this body of knowledge. I'm really glad I
      found you guys!

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