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7797Re: To Cat or not to Cat, was re:Tyvek

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  • walkonemile50
    Jan 3, 2005
      > So what would you say is the better tarp? Brians MacCat & Shanes or
      > a flat MacCat Tarp?

      Another note, even with the "flat" ridgeline on my (and presumably
      Brians') tarp, the catenary cut sides still will present tension
      challenges when trying to pitch in a way where tension is not
      primarily through the ridgeline. I have pitched them on the ground,
      but there is really only "one way" that I can get the whole thing
      tight and taught.


      Shane "Mirage"...

      Could you explain the "Tension challenges" and what you mean by the
      only "One Way" to get the tarp tight and taught?
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