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  • wsmurdoch@aol.com
    Mar 3, 2003
      In a message dated 3/3/03 4:07:55 AM Eastern Standard Time, hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com writes:

      1. I keep reading about making sure the tarp is installed "the right
      way." I take it this means more that just right-side up, but that
      there is a head corner and a foot corner as well? If so, what's the
      quick way to tell? When I climb into my hammock and lay down
      diagonally, I notice that my head and feet are both barely under the
      tarp. Do I need to reverse the tarp, or is there some other issue

      While the symmetrical HHs are symmetrical, they are not quite symmetrical.  Lay the tarp out on the floor.  It is a parallelogram with two sides on the selvages of the fabric with the warp yarns parallel to the edges.  The other two sides are cut at an angle across the fabric.  If yours is like mine, the two tie out corners are not exactly lined up.  You can see that it would work better if you slept on one diagonal or the other.  There is not much of a difference, but there is a difference.

      I have gotten soaked sleeping on a foam pad in the rain.  The pad slipped down toward my feet, pressed the netting out under the fly, and the pad became a rain catching scoop.  I woke up in a down bag with water running down my toes.  There was no real damage done.  It is surprising how much water it takes to soak a bag.  I thought of myself as a kid with his tongue stuck out and rolled up catching rain drops.

      Bill Murdoch
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