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7783Western Hammock Gathering

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  • wpick87506@aol.com
    Jan 3, 2005
      Hi All
      Opps, I sent one earlier without much meat in the email. Oh well, I just got back from an overnighter in Sabino Canyon. For what I'm hearing from people, the Sabino Canyon gathering might not be good logictically. I was looking at the map of the Santa Ritas & I think Maderia Canyon would be alot better for everyone involved.
      There's a paved road going up Maderia Canyon with campgrounds and plenty of big trees to keep people's big butts suspended off the ground properly. Water is easily available (very important in the desert) and I count at lest three trailheads within a half mile of the end of Maderia Canyon. Mt Wrightton is 6 miles above Maderia Canyon for the peak baggers.
      Click here: azcentral.com travel | Mount Wrightson, Santa Rita Mountains south of Tucson
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