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7771Re: Silnylon vs DWR

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  • dlfrost_1
    Dec 30 11:01 PM
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "jwj32542" <jwj32542@y...>
      > How can you tell the difference between silnylon and DWR?
      > I just got 25+ yds from the dollar rack at Wally world. I can't
      > breathe through it, and I'm assuming it's DWR but how can I tell
      > sure it's not silnylon?
      > Jeff

      DWR treated nylon just looks like uncoated fabric, but water will
      bead up and run off.

      Coated nylon fabric is smooth on the inside where the waterproof
      coating is, and has plain fabric outside. (This is your classic
      stuffsack/packcloth material.)

      Silicone impregnated nylon looks the same on both sides, with
      individual fabric threads being hard to see (but any ripstop threads
      show up plainly). It looks and feels like a cross between nylon and
      a rubber baloon--sort of shiney and stretchy--and is quite
      unmistakable once you've seen some. (If there is a gear store in
      your area go have a look at the sylny stuffsacks.)

      Doug Frost
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