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770RE: Hammock Camping Newbie question(s)

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  • David Chinell
    Mar 3, 2003

      What Coy Boy said matches my experience.

      I find the HH tarps are just big enough to keep me dry when
      I'm in the hammock, but a bit small for other activities.
      You can pull the hammock to one side and cook in the cleared
      space, but it's not something I'd like to do for two or more

      I guess I just got used to an 8 x 8 ft tarp. Anything less
      seems tight. So I often substitute the HH tarp with a custom
      silnylon tarp.

      When using the standard HH tarp, I loop the shock cords (the
      body pullout cords) through the tarp rings, then attach them
      back to the body rings. So I have a double run of shock cord
      between the body and the tarp.

      I added mitten hooks to the ends of the shock cords, so it's
      easy to clip them onto the body rings. I can also use the
      clip to pull the hammock to one side for cooking etc.

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