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7689[Hammock Camping] Re: Sleeping system for HH

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  • Coy
    Dec 22, 2004
      I have to agree you are on the right track but ff that were the only
      problem it would have been solved long ago. I have tried hanging
      sleeping bags under my homemade speere hammocks and they are not
      envelopes. the problem is an empty hammock is easy to hang insulation
      under but the second you get in it the hammock creates flattining of
      the insulation. Ricks Warm Hammock is a pretty good solution as is
      Ed,s Pea Pod and Jacks Underquilt for HH's. Ricks Warm hammock is
      made by gathering extra material every few inches on all sides as the
      insulation pocket is made. I still think all underquilts and pea pods
      compress the insulation in certian areas and this will varry with the
      person in the hammock and then varrie again as that person changes
      positions. still beats sleeping on the ground anyday (or night)

      Coy Boy

      > I'm new to this discussion, but it appears to me that the only reason
      > that there is a compression problem is that the quilt is constructed
      > as an envelope, with both top and bottom sewn together. If a 3" strip
      > of material were sewn between the top and bottom, converting it from
      > an envelope to a box, and all fasteners placed on thr top side, there
      > would be little if any compression, because the bottom would dangle
      > freely.
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