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7678Re: Sleeping system for HH

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  • dlfrost_1
    Dec 22, 2004
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "rebraswell" <rebraswell@y...>
      > I have just ordered a HH. I have never used a hammock for
      > My concern is a sleeping system. I currently have a Pro Lite 4
      > regular size therm-a-rest and Mountain Hardware Quantum 3D - 1st
      > Dimension (30 degree) bag. I understand that there is difficulty
      > keeping the air pad from slipping out from under you. I am
      > about going to a Big Anges Zirkel (20 degree) or Horse thief (35
      > degree) and combine with the Lost Dog (50 degree) on very cold
      > (would be 2 pads). Another option I am considering is Western
      > Mountaineering Ultra Light (20 degree) with Lost Dog. I plan using
      > my hammock with temp ranges down to 20 - 25 degrees. I would love
      > hear from others on their sleeping systems. Thanks - Rob

      I use a Prolite 3 Long with the WM UltraLite for 3-season use, with
      add-ons as conditions suggest. (I mainly hike in the Smokies and
      surrounding areas.) Can't fault the UltraLite--it's as praiseworthy
      as everyone says, if you can stand the cost. It has no side-block
      baffles, so shake all of the down to the top... Then use it quilt-
      like when warmer, and zipped up when colder.

      The Prolite does tend to drift somewhat, mainly when you get in. I
      tied on two "haul" lines at each end of the hammock bugnet line to
      make shifting about on the pad a little easier. (Grab the pad with
      one hand, grab a loop with another, and pull; everything slides
      together.) The Ozark Trail eggcrate pad won't hardly move at all,
      which is great once you get it settled, but makes you get in & out of
      the hammock until you've figured out exactly where it should go.
      Trimming the thing down helps the fit.

      I agree with the others here that you need some kind of undercover.
      At the very minimum you want to keep cold airflow off the hammock
      bottom. Here's a good description of a Garlington Insulator setup...
      And if you decide to get a bigger tarp to replace the stock HH,
      here's Gear Collector's description on how you can adapt it as a

      Doug Frost
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